Art – Expertise – Customer satisfaction

Art is emotion, art is aesthetics, art is capital investment!

It is our goal to present the right work of art at the right time in the right place with maximum sensitivity. This means advising you on the artwork and ensuring it complements your home as well as providing you with ideas on framing suited to your artwork and the space it is in.

We would be happy to give advice on other aspects of your interior decoration such as furniture and lighting to provide a complete design package, creating the ambiance and atmosphere you are looking for.

We will find for you the painting, sculpture, or graphic of your dreams! Do not hesitate to get in contact to make an appointment.

If you would like to have a work of art evaluated, we would be pleased to provide you with a professional appraisal. We have particular expertise in the works of Norbertine von Bresslern-Roth, Wilhelm Kuhnert and Manfred Schatz.