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Stevens Dossou Yovo

Dossou-Yovo, Stevens

Sculptor, *1969 in Paris (France)

About the artist

Stevens Dossou-Yovo graduated from l‘école supérieure de design, Penninghen, Paris. He experiments with metal and focuses on the representation of the space, which is expressed in powerful wall compositions. Steel is its favorite medium because it is an easily malleable material for all kinds of experiments. His geometric compositions form an inner vision and are the result of his search for a kind of order. The artist focuses on concentration and expansion.

The viewer experiences an optical illusion as a result of a process in which the tension between the counteracting forces - the composite elements seem to be both free falling and free floating - is canceled and the impression of floating motion is created. The artist knows how to balance the weightlessness of a mental image and the gravity of the metal. The different treatment of the metal with acid, colour, polishing or deliberate non-treatment emphasize the desired effect. The resulting tension points to a metaphysical dimension. This created illusion reflects Dossou-Yovo‘s question about the origins and limits of reality.


Element noir, 2017
Stevens Dossou Yovo, Element noir, 2017



Element noir, 2017

Gallery program Contemporary arts

Artwork Sculpture

Technique Oxidized steel

Dimensions 120 x 90 x 27 cm

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