Opening times & events

The last few months we have been occupied with all about water and now we are continuing to work on getting the school competition for the Life=H2O project going in Germany/Austria and Switzerland.


WHO - Target group: Pupils from the 9th grade onwards in public and private secondary schools providing general education.

WHERE - Area: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

WHAT - Task: Video shooting of a "life" performance: L I F E = H2O

WHEN: Between 1st of November 2021 and 31st of May 2022

For the realisation of this competition we have collected EURO 1,500 in donations so far. Now we would like to have many contacts to interested schools, so that we get as many registrations and submissions for "Life=H2O" until 31 May 2022 as possible.

PDF with all information can be found under this link:

As a prize for the participating pupils from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, three winning classes can look forward to a day with entrepreneurs from the network organisation BNI = Business Network International with impulse lectures, workshops and time to network.

Among other things, the impulse workshops will provide valuable tips for entering professional life: School over, now what? How do I find out what I want?

How do I apply for a job? The day ends with a concert by singer/songwriter Lukas Linder, who also expresses similar questions in his music.

Lectures/music, room rental and catering as well as subsidies for travel costs for students from socially disadvantaged families are financed from donations received through the event "Water-water-agua-paanee-shui" and the BNI Foundation.