Brockmann, Lilo

Painter, born 1943 in Dresden, lives in Heidelberg

Grew up in Heidelberg. Studied physics and technology in Hamburg and Freiburg. Lived for prolonged periods with her family in Bonn , Berkeley (California, USA), Geneva (Switzerland) and France. Since 1988, tutor of water-colour painting classes at CERN (Geneva), at the St. Pierre Academy of Art in Ferney-Voltaire (France) and in the context of adult education at the German School in Geneva. Numerous exhibitions both in Germany and abroad. Awarded many prizes.
Lilo Brockmann is mainly painting watercolours. Her main subjects are flowers and landscapes. With her personal technique in her works she brings out transparency and deepness at the same time.

Title / Name
contemporary art
Type of Artwork
mixed media
80 x 60 cm