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Grundsteinlegungen / Foundation Stones


The idea:
Ever since I made my passion "art" my profession, I have been asking myself the question: Why art? For me it is crystal clear, but I was repeatedly confronted with this question by people who had previously had no access to art.

What art gives to us:

Easter 2020, Covid19 unsettles the world, scares us, and has us firmly under control. We are at home, we stay away, try to protect ourselves and others while the economy is being unhinged. Some countries are better off here than others. I e.g. I am just at home. I feel privileged in Germany when I find out how things are in other countries, on other continents: overwhelmed health systems, individual fates, loss of livelihood, loneliness. And yet here too there are wonderful stories of help, warmth, and humanity.

Artists in all areas, whether it is music, theater, or the visual arts, are currently completely cut off from their audience, except on the World Wide Web….

Why art especially in this time?

Because art also has a purpose!
Because art tells and preserves history for the future!
Because art makes the examination of this time visible!
Because art has the power to comfort, to understand, to reflect!
Because art is a value that stays!

My vision:

With this film project of a virtual exhibition I wish to reach out to people all over the world. If this project manages to reach people, to support them in looking more positively into the future, in building more trust and getting more active for themselves, then we have done something right.

Because this project shows many facets of humanity, fears as well as basic trust, creativity, and artistic expression in different ways. But above all, that nobody is alone with their own perspective and attitude. And a we is the beginning of coming out of loneliness with more confidence and finding our own creativity.

I see this work as a direct promotion of artistic creation because this project also gives interested parties the opportunity to promote art individually and to acquire a piece of contemporary history.


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